CloudPool is is a secure and high-performance stake pool for the Cardano network. If you want to participate in a staking pool without worrying about internet connectivity and 24/7 monitoring, CloudPool will do the job for you.




CloudPool has been providing reliable and high performance Cardano (ADA) staking service that began beginning 2021. Driven by our desire to provide a reliable and profitable staking service for all Cardano delegators, our guiding principles are to ensure security and continuously optimize performance of the stake pool.

99% Uptime

Multi-layered Security

20,000 Pledge

24/7 Monitoring

Automatic Backups

Dedicated Cloud Server


What is pledging?

Stake pool operators may opt to pledge some or all of their stake to make their pool more attractive. The higher the amount of ADA pledged, the more rewards the pool will receive.

Will the ADA rewards I earn be added to my delegate stake?

Yes. Rewards earned accrue with your original stake. When rewards are received, the balance of your reward account increases – and, consequently, the delegated stake is increased.

What is stake pool saturation?

Saturation is a term used to indicate that a particular stake pool has more stake delegated to it than is ideal for the network, and once a pool reaches the point of saturation it will offer diminishing rewards.

How long do I have to wait to see my rewards?

Anywhere between 15-20 days. For any change in delegation, the rewards are reflected after 3 epoch transitions.